We just installed a double sided 4.8mm monument screen for the Dayspring United Methodist Church in Tempe, AZ!
LED screens allow visuals to be seen at anytime of day during events’ clearly during the day and brilliantly at night

An LED screen is a flat panel display, which uses an array of light-emitting diodes as a video display. They are typically used outdoors in store signs and billboards, and in recent years have also become commonly used in sporting arenas, concert venues, and larger events.

ASM just lended a hand to the Wildhorse Raceway in Chandler, AZ. We upgraded an existing sign and integrated our 16mm panels, bright and big for all to see!
We recently stopped in at the University House in Austin, TX and installed one of our popular Big Screen LED TV’s. With a unique Concrete/Wood foundation, the installation is one of our most photogenic yet!
We recently dropped by Chicago, IL and Greenville, NC to install our new 4.8mm SMD Panels.
One of our newest additions. Lincoln, NE. Poolside install with Plants on the rear! Plants have yet to grow in, but we modified our photo a little to show what the foliage will look like in the future.
We recently installed a Big Screen TV at the West Quad Student housing at the University of Illinois.

Looking forward to seeing the final layout once construction is complete!
Need a big screen on your college campus or business? We got you covered!

We recently installed another of our Big Screen TV’s at the Florida State University Campus. Contact us today for more info on how to get your own Big Screen LED TV!
Getting tired of some small LCD TV near the pool? How about a giant Big Screen LED TV instead?

We installed one of our large Big Screen TV’s at the University House Midtown, in Atlanta Georgia.